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Introduction to Taraxa Testnet

Introduction to Taraxa Testnet#

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Taraxacum aphrogenes is a species of dandelion that grows in Cyprus. And continues in our alphabetical series of testnet upgrades named after species of dandelions.

Goals of Aphrogenes#

  • Provide an initial demonstration of the unique properties of the Taraxa protocol
  • Generate valuable network data at increasing scale
  • Attract a larger audience of community members of interested parties

Join the Network#

Technical requirements#

  • A Mac or Linux shell environment
  • curl with ssl support
  • Digital Ocean or AWS account or a local ubuntu machine with 2 cores, 30GB of RAM


Installing is quick an easy. Follow the instructions on node install.

Whats NEW is in Aphrogenes release…#

  • Improved procedural stability
  • Persistent state for node
  • More efficient memory usage

Features of Taraxa testnet…#

  • DAG layer for fast block generation and transaction inclusion
  • PBFT layer for fast finality and concurrent schedule generation
  • EVM integration (preliminary)
  • Scripts to check balance and send money

Whats coming to our testnet in future release…#

  • A block explorer to visualize DAG, block confirmation, and the unique properties of Taraxa
  • Metamask wallet integration
  • Improved documentation of RPC APIs

What is not in Aphrogenes…#

  • Concurrent EVM
  • Smart contract RPC API support
  • Robust VRFs and VDFs
  • Economic model for fees and block rewards

What Aphrogenes is not…#

  • Production ready
  • Robust
  • Complete
  • Optimized
  • Safe against malicious attack